Small Business Data Services

Macrosoft introduces B2B direct marketing data services as an alternative to traditional data sources(compiled lists) for small and medium sized businesses.

  • See how our data services and products can help in your small and medium business marketing campaigns
  • Take a free trial to have a firsthand experience of our 100% digitally sourced data mining platform

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Estimator Matrix

Estimate Time and Cost for DOC1 to Quadient Inspire/GMC Conversions

We have devised 3 steps in our estimation process

  • Application Factors
  • Scale Constants
  • Project Time and Cost

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DOC1 to QUADIENT GMC Conversion

6 steps you really need to follow to convert your DOC1 applications to Quadient Inspire/GMC

Most printing companies have decided to standardize all printing processes on the Quadient Inspire/GMC platform, great! But unfortunately they still have a lot of legacy print applications written in DOC1.

What stops them from converting?

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Migration Brochure

Our Proven Migration Methodology To Safely Modernize Your Application

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  • Visual FoxPro to SQL.NET
  • Visual Basic to VB.NET
  • Visual ASP to ASP.NET
  • Onsite programs to Cloud

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