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WhitePaper: Analytics + RPA - The Transformative Digital Enabler


Analytics + RPA is the Key to Major Success

RPA is currently one of the most widely successful digital technologies. RPA enables companies to reduce human errors, operate at much higher efficiencies, and increase employee satisfaction by shifting focus from repetitive menial tasks to value-added roles, and in the process further enhancing customer satisfaction and innovation.

Companies are now going one step further - towards Intelligent RPA. In many automation journeys, cognitive technologies such as AI, ML, NLP when blended with RPA, bring smart capabilities to existing RPA initiatives and help magnify and enhance the positive outcomes vis-à-vis standard RPA.

Analytics is essential to providing RPA users with the measuring tools and KPI visibility necessary to ensure they maximize the value of their automations and understand the quantitative impact of these automation efforts on positive business outcomes.

In this blog we discuss one analytics framework that opens the door to full understanding of your RPA program – UiPath Insights.

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