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Training and Automation of Quadient Inspire

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Why Macrosoft is the Best Quadient Inspire Partner


Training and Automation: The Two Anchors that define Macrosoft as the Best-In-Class Quadient Inspire Partner 

Macrosoft is one of Quadient’s technology delivery partners. As such, our teams are currently performing all types of Quadient work for our clients including the following three areas:

  1. Design and development of new Quadient Inspire applications.
  2. Migrations of client’s assets from other CCM tools to Quadient.
  3. Ongoing support of existing Quadient Inspire applications.

There are other areas we are now active in as well including: installation of the Quadient platform on Linux platforms; and work on Quadient’s most advanced tools - Scaler; Interactive; Digital Communications, among others.

This paper is about all the automation tools Macrosoft has recently built or is now building to better support our Quadient Inspire technology delivery practice. It also shows you the results of our intensive training programs that all our professionals continue to take part in, even well after they have mastered the basics.

Download the Whitepaper to know why Macrosoft is and will be the best partner of Quadient Inspire.


Download Macrosoft's whitepaper to explore more on estimates of the manual savings achievable with this application.