Introduction to CallMiner's APIs

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Whitepaper: Introduction to CallMiner's APIs- Use them to Enhance the Full Value of Interaction Analytics to your Business


Macrosoft has partnered with CallMiner to deliver Speech Analytics to our customers. Data from interaction analytics can have far-reaching impacts throughout an enterprise, not just within the contact center. It is imperative for companies to extend actionable insights from their contact center to all business units within the organization.

The best way to do this is by using the set of APIs that Call Miner provides as a key part of its software package. We will present a three-part series on the CallMiner API’s to show their basic value to do precisely that function of distributing interaction analytics data to other corporate systems, and to illustrate how they can be used for this purpose. This paper is the start of this exciting series. We will introduce the definition of API and give an overview of the two types of API’s CallMiner provides, namely the data API and the ingestion API.

Download the Whitepaper to learn more on CallMiner's APIs and how it enhances the Interaction Analytics for your Business.