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Impact of Call Fidelity on Transcription and Scorecard Accuracy

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Case Study: Impact of Call Fidelity on Accuracy of Transcriptions and Scorecards

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Macrosoft has partnered with CallMiner to deliver Speech Analytics to our customers. Call Fidelity is without doubt the most important quality metric of the recorded calls being input to a speech analytics system such as Call Miner Eureka. It directly affects the ability of speech analytics software to generate accurate and readable transcripts and to convert the speech to accurate interaction data and scorecards.

This paper is the first of a two-part series, showing results of several simple case studies we performed internally on gauging impact of call fidelity on the accuracy of speech analytics results. The point of these case studies is to give quantitative flavor on how important call fidelity is to getting high accuracy of the speech analytics results.

Download Macrosoft's CallMiner Call Fidelity Case Study to learn more how Call Fidelity impacts the accuracy of Transcriptions and Scorecards.