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Unlock Hidden Insights From Your Customers

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Whitepaper: CallMiner Ingestion APIs- The Key To Unlock Hidden Insights From Your Customer Interactions

CallMiner Ingestion API

Macrosoft has partnered with CallMiner to deliver Speech Analytics to our customers. Data is fast becoming one of the biggest and most valuable assets of a company. Having an efficient data flow both internally and externally is very important for an organization. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are generally the most effective way for data communication across different platforms.

The best way to do this is by using the set of APIs that Call Miner provides as a key part of its software package. This paper is part two of our API series covering Ingestion APIs. Utilizing Ingestion APIs is the most efficient and organized way to upload all of your customer interaction data to the Call Miner platform for analytics. We will also demo the use cases for uploading various media types into the system such as call recordings, emails, chats, and surveys.

Download the Whitepaper to learn more on CallMiner Ingestion APIs and how it unlocks hidden insights from your customer interactions.