What does 2019 hold for Chatbots?

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Starting 2019 Macrosoft is all geared up to explore Chatbots in the midst of Conflicting Industry Views

Chatbot is not the first technology to be taken up in grandiose terms and then slumped spectacularly. As always this is yet another age-old hype cycle unfolded in a similar fashion. A survey conducted by ‘Acquia’ found that a considerable number of consumers felt chatbots too impersonal bringing about a negative feeling.

So what does 2019 hold for chatbots? What we feel is chatbots will continue to become smarter as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming more sophisticated every day. Here at Macrosoft, we have been exploring many new use cases for chatbots technologies, including AI and machine learning which will enhance our customer support functions. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner gives us access to new tools using which we try different ways to create conversational data interfaces. Currently, we have developed two specific use cases:

  1. Conversational BI for Sales
  2. Conversational BI for Reporting

We found these conversational tools can be used to create more sophisticated chatbots when merged with cognitive assistants. Cognitive chatbots have learning and processing capabilities using which they are  able to recognize problems and opportunities for making judgment calls. Embedding these types of technologies into chatbots will result in a generation of hyper-capable, multi-functional enterprise AI. Ultimately, it will be cognitive assistant powered chatbots that will define how business functions in the near future.

Download this White Paper to know more about the use cases Macrosoft has developed and see how to make chatbots more intelligent.