The 10 Best Practices

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Macrosoft’s 10 Best Practices that Ensures Great Chatbots for Your Website

Modern day businesses can stay competitive by using Chatbots for automating as many processes as possible. Chatbots have opened up new ways of doing business with their ability to automate conversations in ways that are quicker, simpler, and more reliable. Conversational commerce is one of the most useful chatbot technology that makes apps and websites redundant. Creating a good chatbot involves many challenges in designing, building and implementing.

The category of chatbots we are discussing is a kind of intermediate step in the progression from a standard website to a full chatbot-based (or Voice-based) user interface. These web-based chatbots are quite high in standards as they must always offer users a frictionless experience when navigating websites (instead of clicking through the site, tell a bot directly what you are looking for?).

We at Macrosoft have formulated ten best practices that a good chatbot must adhere to.

  • Examine the 10 best practices we follow to ensure quality chatbots
  • Know more about the voice-based chatbots for websites
  • Learn the challenges involved in developing standard chatbots
  • See the 10 worst practices to avoid when creating chatbots