An Example of Chatbot Conversation Flow

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Macrosoft’s Example of Chatbot Conversation Flow

Businesses are constantly on the lookout to find ways of delivering their messages and services using chat platforms that interest their consumers. Chatbot is another way of humans interacting with software, but with limited capabilities. It is a natural evolution of a question answering system leveraging natural language processing. Chatbots are important as it streamlines interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience, and offering companies operational efficiency by reducing the cost of customer service.

We at Macrosoft have covered a scenario where a person leaving the doctor’s office needs to find a vision provider for an exam. User decides to search via their smart phone which is linked to their health/vision insurance company’s website that has a chatbot application. What follows is an example of the chatbot conversation flow that will lead the user through the questions and responses needed to find the ‘best’ vision provider.

Download the Conversation Flow presentation  to:

  • See the step-by-step chatbot conversation flow for this scenario
  • Know more about how the chatbot provides help with different tasks
  • Examine how the chatbot answers customer service questions
  • Understand the challenges involved in developing conversation chatbots