Macrosoft's Coding Process: A Review

Improving Quality and Security

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Improving Quality and Security of our Coding Process

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Macrosoft's Guiding Objective: Enable every developer to take ownership of code quality and code security from IDE to Build.

Macrosoft is committed to providing our clients with Coding and Systems that are:

  1. Reliable: High Quality Bug-Free Coding Standard
  2. Secure: Thoroughly Tested to be free of Security Vulnerabilities
  3. Maintainable: Catching and fixing code smells, and making modular and portable code that make it easy for our clients to maintain and upgrade the code we build for them

We seek to achieve high levels of automation in finding and fixing coding errors during the entire life cycle of a development project. We seek to achieve these 3 objectives over a diverse range of system applications and languages and for new and emerging application architectures, by implementing internal coding and unit test standards and toolsets.

This paper describes the automation tools and processes that we use to accomplish these 3 objectives. Our goals are to continually improve our coding processes, reducing coding errors and using ever more automated tools to speed up our coding processes and achieve best-in-class coding standards, as new programing languages, frameworks and tools are emerging.

Download the Whitepaper now to learn more about Macrosoft's Coding Standards that improve security and quality of the code we deliver.