DOC1 to Quadient Inspire Conversion

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6 steps you really need to follow to convert your DOC1 applications to Quadient Inspire

Most printing companies have decided to standardize all printing processes on the Quadient Inspire platform, great!

But unfortunately they still have a lot of legacy print applications written in DOC1.

What stops them from converting?

  • Expensive Migration
  • Long drawn-out process
  • Lack of right resources
But Macrosoft can help you. We have a best-practice methodology, resources and the knowhow to do these conversions in a standardized, rapid-paced, well–defined, streamlined process that is both accurate and precise and gets the job done in reasonable time frames even if you have hundreds of DOC1 applications to convert.

This is the first of three papers that lays out all the steps of our methodology and all the tools we use along the way to speed up the conversions and also to ensure precision and accuracy in the conversions.

Download the Whitepaper to know how we have achieved this using our 6 step methodology.


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