Cypress Web Automation

Expanding Role in Web App Development Projects

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Macrosoft Future Technology Series Whitepaper: Cypress Web Automation


Cypress' Expanding Role in Macrosoft's Web App Development Projects

This paper describes our evaluation and beginning implementation of for automated web application testing. We started taking a close look at Cypress about 3 months ago and are now convinced this is the way to go for front-end web application testing. There are several key advantages that we describe in this paper. We discuss these major benefits of using Cypress over our current testing tool Selenium for front-end web application testing. We feel strongly that shifting over to Cypress will significantly enhance and automate our web application work on behalf of our clients.

This case study on Cypress is one example among many of the ways our technical teams actively seek out new and better methods for every step in our development and testing processes. Others will be highlighted in subsequent papers. Our enterprise development and testing processes and methodologies are continually undergoing innovation, and our developers and testers are continually undergoing new training to fully take advantage of these new tools and technologies.

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