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Conversion from DOC1 to Quadient Inspire for a CCM Client - A Case Study

The project is an extremely large DOC1 to Quadient Inspire conversion for a large electronic and print Customer Communications Management (CCM) client. This is one of the largest CCM conversion project which requires to convert hundreds of individual DOC1 applications to the Quadient Inspire platform. Macrosoft has used a host of proprietary tools to automate the ‘data migration’ part of our DOC1 conversion process. XML Parser is one such automation tool that takes the text file DOC1 input and converts them into the equivalent XML input as required by the Inspire application. With the XML Parser, it is possible to save up to a day of manual work which may not seem like a big saving, but when multiplied by 450 applications the overall savings are more than a person-year of effort!

Macrosoft will continue to invest in automation tools like the XML Parser, so as to offer clients high- performance throughputs in short timelines and value pricing. We perform a straightforward 4 step data migration process as follows:

  • Extract data from Source System
  • Transform data for the Target System
  • Load data into the Target System
  • Validate the output

So far we have successfully converted over 100 applications (from simple to highly complex) to reach a conversion-throughput-rate of over 30 applications a month and moving forward. In our Macrosoft India facility, we have two parallel teams of developers and an onsite PM at the client site who coordinates and manages the DOC1 to Quadient Inspire conversion project.

Download the Case Study to know about Macrosoft’s DOC1 to Quadient Inspire conversion practice.

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