Mine Weather

Electric Utility Outage Prediction Models

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Assessing the Accuracy of Weather Forecasts for Electric Utilities using the Mine-Weather Outage Prediction Models

Macrosoft’s Mine-Weather is a flexible analysis platform designed for utilities to asses forecast accuracy under different weather conditions. Electric utilities have always been on a look out to assess the accuracy of their weather forecasts, as they need to plan out their activities and preparedness during an extreme event. Let’s see how we can leverage the power of Mine-Weather to not only asses the accuracy of a utility’s weather prediction, but also to forecast accuracy of a utility’s outage prediction model (OPM).

  • See how Mine-Weather platform assesses the forecast accuracy of a utility’s outage prediction model (OPM)
  • Learn more on simulating the performance of OPM under different weather forecasts
  • Find out how the Mine-Weather validation framework can be used to assess new OPM features
  • Explore the 3 tasks to know how the analysis of the outage prediction model will be carried out
Download this whitepaper on how Mine-Weather lets you get the accurate Weather Forecast