Macrosoft’s Enterprise Technology Services

An Overview of Macrosoft's Enterprise LoB

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Macrosoft's Enterprise Technology Services: An Overview

Enterprise Technology Services Overview

Macrosoft's Line of business whitepaper series

Macrosoft is a 28-year-old leading edge software development company based in Parsippany, NJ. We have made our mark in the software industry through our 6 lines of businesses. This paper explains about how we serve our clients using Macrosoft’s Enterprise Technology Services.

Macrosoft have five dedicated parts under Enterprise LOB - Custom Enterprise Development, Internet of Things, Web Design and Development, AWS Services, and Mobile App Development.

This is the first in a series of three papers on the Enterprise Technology LOB. The focus of this first overview paper is on profiling the LOB in terms of the types of customers we can serve best, the types of work we do for them, and the general parameters of how we staff and manage our dedicated teams in support of each client. There are four technology and tool stacks that are used most often for our clients: 1. Microsoft .Net; 2. Java; 3. Open Source including Python; and 4. Web Content Management technologies.

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