Case Study 2: External Data Feed

Automated Extraction and Assembly Process

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Case Study 2: Automation of An External Data Feed Extraction and Assembly Process


Beyond the Hype: How to get real value from RPA using Microsoft Process Automation

This is the second in a series of posts summarizing case studies on robotic process automation (RPA). This case study involves the automation of external data extraction and assembly process for one of our clients. Macrosoft has been providing managed services to this client for many years, including developing and supporting several internal apps and their public website. We have also been giving integration services for their website to other enterprise apps, including Salesforce CRM and an external email marketing and delivery service.

We set about trying to find mundane tasks to automate within this company, and in conjunction with the client team, we came upon the current external data assembly process. The business requires a complex data extraction and assembly process involving gathering data from multiple external FTP sites, websites, and emails daily. The data extraction and assembly process was being done entirely manually until we undertook to automate it.

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