Case Study: Foreign Exchange Rates

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Case Study 1: Automated Monitoring and Alerting of Foreign Exchange Rates

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Beyond the Hype: How to get real value from RPA using Microsoft Process Automation

This is first in a series of posts summarizing case studies on robotic process automation (RPA). This first case study involves automating a simple task done by the Finance team at Macrosoft. The RPA app monitors and alerts our Finance Department of significant foreign exchange rate fluctuations between the US dollar and Indian and Pakistani rupees.

This is important to Macrosoft as we make regular funds transfers to our offshore development facilities in Pakistan and India, and we are always looking for the best short term exchange rates for converting US dollars to either Indian rupees or Pakistani rupees.

We automated this process using Microsoft Power Automate, our go-to automation tool. The automation runs every 2 hours and checks current exchange rates and compares them with prior exchange rates, and if the current exchange rate is higher by a pre-set amount then the system automatically generates and sends e-mail notification to a designated person in the Finance org. This automation helps saves human time several times each day looking up exchange rates and deciding if a rate jump meets the threshold.

Of course, this is a very simple process, and others of our case study posts describe much more complicated processes. But simple does not make it irrelevant, in fact it often means it is an obvious use case for automation..

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