WebMineR: Macrosoft's Web Scrapper

Incorporating NLP into Web Scrapping

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WhitePaper: Incorporating NLP Capabilities into Macrosoft's Web Scrapper: WebMineR


Macrosoft’s new product, Web MineR, is a state-of-the-art web scrapping cloud application. It has over 25 best-in-class capabilities, and is highly scalable, efficient, secure and configurable.

This paper starts a dialogue on some of the newest functionality to Web MinerR which are centered in the area of NLP, specifically text summarization and topic modeling. These are clearly important features to have in a web scaping technology. We expect these capabilities to be fully available by second quarter 2021. The purpose of this paper is to describe the research into NLP we are now doing to make sure these capabilities perform well when delivered in Web MineR.

Download Macrosoft's Web Scrapper whitepaper to learn more on how we incorporated NLP capabilities to our Web Scrapping application- WebMineR.