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Industrial IoT in Production and Manufacturing

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Introducing Industrial IoT in Production and Manufacturing


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is fast becoming a must for today’s manufacturers. IoT in manufacturing allows you monitor an entire production line in real-time, be it from refining processes to packaging of final products. Industries have been using sensors and systems for some time to track status, but IoT has gone a step further by providing intricacies to every minute problem. It detects issues and provides recommendations for better management of industrial operations and effective cost of production. Industrial IoT can provide critical information, trigger response protocols, and affect other activities being tracked on various industrial networks. IoT increases visibility by continually monitoring components and equipment’s to maximize productivity, reduce line downtime, eliminate wastages and unnecessary work.

Business advantages of Industrial IoT:

  • Improves operational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces downtime and maximizes asset utilization
  • Reduces asset lifecycle costs from predictive maintenance
  • Improved inventory tracking and traceability
  • Enhances product innovation process

Macrosoft focuses on the new capabilities in Industry 4.0 weather be it remote diagnosis and control, track and trace consignments, structural health monitoring, as they are all typical use cases. We feel the key is to introduce IoT gradually into Production and Manufacturing, then build it to an extent it becomes an integral part of your business.

  • Identify the data and information available in manufacturing
  • Know more on integrating and finding data using IoT
  • Find out how to build the IoT overlay for production process
  • See how you start small and then scale up the IIoT
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