Macrosoft’s International Development Facilities

Future Company Scale Up Plan 2021-24

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Macrosoft Future Technology Series Whitepaper: International Development Facilities


Role OF Macrosoft's International Development Facilities

This is the first in a series of papers on future directions of Macrosoft - how we are planning to build up our company in scale, resiliency, flexibility, responsiveness, and sustainability. This paper concerns our two international development centers, and how we see them scaling up over this 5-year period.

Macrosoft has two excellent development facilities, one in Lahore Pakistan and the other in Trivandrum India. Both have been key parts of Macrosoft for well over a decade. They are an integral part of our company, essential to the full execution of our work in all 6 of Macrosoft’s lines of businesses.

Both centers include senior world class level talent who have been with us for many years, and many mid- and junior-level talent that are managed closely by the senior level talent and have completed dozens of complex enterprise projects with distinction for our US client base.

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