Macrosoft International Recruitment Team

Lynch Pin of the Development Teams LoB

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Macrosoft International Recruitment Team: Lynch Pin of the Development Teams Line of Business

Macrosoft Recruitment Teams

Role OF Macrosoft's International recruitment team

This paper provides an overview of the Macrosoft International Recruitment Team (MIRT) and profiles the main elements of success that make it one of the most successful and important parts of our company.

MIRT is the critical part of our Development Teams Line of Business (LOB), as shown in the chart below. MIRT has been a Service Offering of Macrosoft for well over the last two decades and has contributed tremendously and consistently to our company’s success. The next sections of this paper provide a profile of this organization, the basic services offered, the types of clients we serve and highlights some of the success metrics of the organization. All the people recruited and hired by MIRT are for positions and clients in the US.

We are highlighting this organization within Macrosoft to increase visibility to more of our clients and prospects. This is an outstanding and exciting part of our company that makes a big difference in the success of our clients.

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