Internet of Things

Security Challenges for the Internet of Things

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Is IoT Secure?

Today the Internet of Things comprises of a wide range of smart devices for which security is a major concern. With so many devices flooding the market ensuring protection of these devices itself turns out to be a critical security challenge. Security must be considered early in the design of the device or system to avert cyber-crimes ranging from DDoS attacks to cyber espionage as seen lately. It is high time to establish ‘The Internet of Secure Things’ for ensuring end-to-end security in an IoT environment.

IoT Security measures include:

  • Incorporating security at the design phase
  • Providing each device with a unique identifier for identity management
  • Strong encryption to secure communication between devices
  • Protecting the IoT network with intrusion prevention system
  • Patch management/continuous software updates

A part of the IoT problem lies with companies having little experience in producing secure connected devices, but are in a hurry to be a part of the bandwagon. Adhering to the industrial standard of manufacture and cybersecurity is probably something these companies need to consider. Also, there is the additional risk of creating security holes when such devices are not properly implemented as they are added to the network. With the right suppliers and implementation partners, developing truly secure IoT solutions is not difficult. Securing IoT is a challenging prospect but when implemented properly with the right security architecture IoT is secure.

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