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Is Your Business In Need of Process Mining?

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WhitePaper: Is Your Business In Need of Process Mining?

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Signs that Your Business Process is too Complicated and In Need of Process Mining

Getting a complete view of a company’s processes and understanding precisely what is happening there in real-time and at the individual unit of output, enables a company to move closer and much quicker to the goal of maximizing ROI. As businesses grow bigger, the complexities and dependencies also increases which makes a manual process review cumbersome.

Process mining has always been a mainstay of process automation, but is often overlooked or not given the priority it deserves by clients in their rush to RPA and Intelligent Automation. The purpose of this short article is to lay out the 5 most important factors that indicate your company really needs to look into process mining as the way to better understand your business processes. If your response to any one or two of these 5 key process characteristics is in the negative, our recommendation is your look into process mining.

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