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Mine-Weather V2.0 (MW V2.0) is the latest ‘Weather Forecast Verification System’ designed and built by Macrosoft. MW V2.0 is a fully cloud based system, deployed on Microsoft Azure, and built using Microsoft Azure solution components (.NET, SQL Server, SSIS, Power BI). We intend to port a version of the Mine-Weather application to VELCO’s new high capacity computing facility once it is completed.

The MW V2.0 system provides 3 categories of reports with enhanced views to help analyze weather forecast accuracy.

  • Tracking Reports – A wide range of charting options are available that displays different views of the data provided with MW V2.0.
  • Smart Report – Includes monthly or weekly scorecards showing the accuracy of different weather forecasts for each of the weather variables available within the VELCO-Instance of MW 2.0.
  • Event Reports – Provides summary views, with various chart options that show a focused view on the time period for the events occurrence.

MW V2.0 provides advanced reporting and drilldown capabilities considering parameters like regional geography, weather variables, forecast services, and scoring formula. MW V2.0 has fully automated data update process where it pulls in daily forecast and actual data every night and provides an updated version of all scoring reports daily. VELCO currently uses the Mine-Weather system by following the 7 weather forecast models in determining forthcoming weather conditions across its service area (Vermont).

  • See all the new advanced features MW 2.0 offers.
  • Explore the three forecast reports MW 2.0 provides.
  • Take a look at the 7 weather forecast models VELCO uses.
  • Know the future capabilities of the Mine-Weather system.

Download this whitepaper on Implementing Mine-Weather V2.0 Built for VELCO.