Macrosoft’s Modern Network & Security Management

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Platform and SonicWall

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Microsoft Endpoint Manager Platform and SonicWall: Key Players in Macrosoft's Modern Network & Security Management

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Macrosoft's Modern Network & Security Management

Here is an overview of Macrosoft’s recent implementations of two new leading-edge security and network management platforms for enhancing our security profile and controlling our endpoint network protection. These are critical upgrades given everyone in the company is now working remotely and will likely continue for the foreseeable future. In effect, we are now a distributed enterprise. These technologies help us to protect/mitigate malware, viruses, exploits, and ransomware.

The first technology implementation is the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Platform. We describe the major features this cloud technology platform provides and how and where we are currently using it.

The second technology we have recently implemented is SonicWall which is a next-generation firewall for mitigating intrusion risk and protecting everyone in our remote workforce. We provide a brief overview of the security features this platform provides us and how and where we have implemented it. Macrosoft developers use laptops from their homes to do their work, and so covering these laptops is our focus for SonicWall. 

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