MS Power Automate Ai Builder

Pre-Built and Custom Built AI Models

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Whitepaper: The Microsoft Power Automate AI Builder and Scenarios


AI Builder: Pre-Built and Custom AI models Ready to Use within the Microsoft Power Automate Platform

This paper is about AI Builder, as it is used within the Microsoft Power Automate tool. We describe what AI Builder is, its major capabilities, the different types of models it has built-in, and the different types of scenarios where AI Builder can be very useful in process automation.

AI Builder brings the power of AI models (many pre-built) directly into your automation efforts without the need for coding or data science skills.AI Builder, used in conjunction with Power Automate, provides AI models for optimizing and automating business processes. Many of the models are pre-designed and ready to use out of the box; others can be custom built/tuned within the tool itself to fit a company’s specific data and process needs. AI Builder allows Power Automate to automate process steps where an AI model is essential, for example, those requiring various forms of text analysis, vision and image detection, and predicting future outcomes.

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