MS Power Automate Desktop

Capabilities & How To Use Them

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Whitepaper: Microsoft Power Automate Desktop - Capabilities and Instructive Scenarios on How to Use It


A simple learning primer on Power Automate Desktop

This paper is about Microsoft Power Automate Desktop. We describe the major capabilities in the tool and then show how these types of capabilities can be used in different types of process automation scenarios. We hope you will find this paper a down-to-earth guide to when where and how to use Power Automate Desktop to start moving yourself and your company in the direction of complete digital automation.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are ramping up our efforts across the entire set of tools in the Microsoft Power Platform, and we will be publishing many new papers to highlight this area of our company’s expertise.

In this white paper we discuss the major capabilities offered by Microsoft Power Automate Desktop. We will discuss each area and shed light upon some of the functionalities offered in each area that might spark your interest in the product. After discussing the capabilities of PAD, we will dive into some scenarios where PAD might help you in daily tasks that you perform on your computer.

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