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Estimates of Time and Resource Savings

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WhitePaper: PDF Morph: Estimates of Time and Resource Savings


PDF Morph is a cloud-based tool that assists users to mark and extract data from their PDF files and create the WFD in Inspire Designer. 

The basic features of the application include the following. Quadient designers can extract text field data including font information. Quadient designers can extract image coordinates and Barcode information. The system then generates a file from the marked PDF with data and coordinate information.

Having discussed the basics of PDF Morph and features in the previous whitepapers of this series , It is time to discuss how PDF Morph saves most of the manual work involved in the conversion from legacy PDF templates to Quadient Inspire.
This Whitepaper compares the manual effort (in minutes) and the automation tool time (in minutes) to convert a PDF document to input to Quadient Inspire Designer.
Download Macrosoft's whitepaper to explore more on estimates of the manual savings achievable with this application.