Macrosoft PDF Morph Tool Whitepaper

WFD filesfor Input to Quadient Inspire

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WhitePaper: PDF Morph: Macrosoft’s Latest Automation Tool


Automates Creation of WFD files for Input to Quadient Inspire from PDF’s

The tool automates creation of WFD files for input to Quadient Inspire from the original PDF. It generates the WFD file based on template information available in the PDF template itself, as well as information the user inputs to the tool directly via an easy-to-use UI.

 It is being used by our teams for two major use cases:  

  • Ongoing WFD Creation: for use by our development teams that support Quadient clients in day-to-day creation of the new WFD templates required by clients.
  • Migration Projects: assisting companies that are engaged in major migration projects – that is, they are migrating their current CCM platform (using a variety of other CCM-based tools and templates) to the Quadient Inspire platform.

Our tool includes full logging capability, so we track all users and all projects enabling us to see clearly how well and how extensively it is being used. As a new product we expect our users to lodge many requests for additional functionality. We intend to be very proactive in understanding and prioritizing these requests. We will maintain a complete Product enhancement wish list of all these requests.

Download Macrosoft's whitepaper to learn how it can come into play to save significant resources and time in a migration from multiple CCM tools and templates to the Quadient Inspire platform.