PDF Morph Ver 2.0

Macrosoft's Advanced CCM Automation Tool

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PDF Morph Ver 2.0: Macrosoft’s Advanced CCM Automation Tool


Macrosoft’s most advanced CCM Automation Tool, PDF Morph - its main features, benefits and how it works.

Macrosoft is a dedicated implementation partner of Quadient with over 80 highly trained developers, systems analysts, and project managers, both in the US and in our international locations in India and Pakistan. We have been experiencing ~ 40% growth both in work levels and resource counts over the last 2 years, and we are projecting the same levels of growth for this and coming years.

Macrosoft is now using PDF Morph V 2.0 in their Quadient Migration Practice to automate the conversion and uploading of PDF documents into the Quadient Inspire WFD format. It is a major game changer, allowing companies to convert their current CCM system and database to the latest versions of Quadient Inspire (v 14-15) much more efficiently, at greatly reduced time schedules and with much less resources, and achieves much higher quality standards

PDF Morph is a cloud-based tool that automates:

  • The extraction of content from PDF files. These files can be from any one of a number of the major CCM tool sets in the marketplace or from legacy or home-grown systems.
  • The creation of corresponding WFD format files in Quadient Inspire Designer.

PDF Morph extracts:

  • Content
  • Font
  • Barcodes
  • Image coordinates, and
  • Styles from the PDF stored in JSON & XML files

It then uses these inputs in an automated workflow to create the corresponding Inspire Designer’s WFD format files.

Download Macrosoft's whitepaper to learn how it can come into play to save significant resources and time in a migration from multiple CCM tools and templates to the Quadient Inspire platform.