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9 Critical Process Automation Questions


Macrosoft's Process Automation LoB: Answers for the top 9 Critical Questions asked by Mid-Sized Companies.

This paper offers Macrosoft's new CEO  - G.N.Shah's perspective on how mid-sized companies can start the process automation track efficiently to quickly begin gaining the benefits it provides.

Process Automation, in all its current embodiments and buzzwords (RPA, BPA, Document Understanding, Process Engineering, Hyperautomation,…), is clearly a critical issue on the minds of most business leaders. The marketing hype remains intensely positive. It is also true that many larger companies have internal efforts underway to utilize the technology set and seem generally positive in their feedback. They are finding it very useful for all the obvious reasons: streamlined processes that lead to less labor, better output quality, and better operational data, among other benefits.

But what about mid-sized companies? How do leaders at these companies start to partake of the benefits of process automation without betting the company reserves? Often there are just too many barriers that stand in the way of them getting started or, more importantly, getting the significant benefits that process automation can offer.

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