Whitepaper: Process Mining vs BPM

Changing the Face of Digital Transformation

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WhitePaper: Process Mining vs Business Process Management


Process Mining vs Business Process Management

Process Mining is changing the face of digital transformation. Companies using Process Mining can fully and transparently see all their process resources end-to-end, can see how well or poorly different parts of their processes are being utilized in reality, and can then go about optimizing them in a prioritized ROI-based approach starting with the lowest-hanging fruit.

Businesses have long been using “Business Process Management” when it comes to process understanding and automation and now, “Process Mining” has been thrown into that pool. In this blog we break down Process Mining to its core functions and show why we think it is now necessary and crucial for Business Process Management as a whole to incorporate Process Mining into its thinking.

Although Process Mining is not an automatic component of BPM, it can be highly beneficial in maximizing the efficiency of the end result.

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