Software Quality Assurance Practice

A ‘Hidden’ Jewel of Macrosoft

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Macrosoft’s Software Quality Assurance Practice: A ‘Hidden’ Jewel Within Our Enterprise Development Projects


Macrosoft's Guiding Objective: Minimize produced defects, and thereby increase software system quality.

Our Enterprise Development and Legacy Migration lines of business have been growing very significantly over the last several years, and one of the main reasons for that is the quality and workmanship of the new systems we have been building for our clients.

In Enterprise Software Development we build new enterprise systems based on requirements provided by our clients. In Legacy Migration we migrate a client’s older legacy system to a new state-of-the-art enterprise application. In both cases, we do most of this development work out of our two international development centers. We have over 200 developers engaged in these work efforts. We have several tech stacks that we work with routinely including .Net; Java; Python, as well as other Open-source platforms.

One of the ‘hidden’ gems in all this development work is our software quality assurance teams consisting now of about 40+ individuals and growing, divided among our two development centers. This paper highlights the great work and competencies of these QA teams. We detail all the different areas of software quality assurance that our teams work in.

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