Macrosoft Style Renamer

Revolutionize Your CCM Workflow

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Revolutionize Your CCM Workflow with Style Renamer: A Macrosoft Innovation


Tired of manually renaming styles in Inspire Designer? Macrosoft introduces Style Renamer, a web application designed to tackle the arduous task of renaming various styles in Workflow Description Files (WFDs). Its automation drastically reduces time-consuming manual efforts, ensuring consistent naming conventions and accelerating development cycles.

Streamlining the Style Renaming Process:

  • Define Rules: Set clear rules for renaming styles based on your project requirements.
  • Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with PDF Morph for end-to-end automation.
  • Transform Styles: Click a button to automatically rename styles according to your rules.
  • Import Updated Styles: Import the renamed styles back into Inspire Designer.

The tangible impact of Style Renamer lies in the significant time and resource savings it brings. A comparative analysis showcases its efficiency, reducing manual effort by up to 90% across projects of varying sizes.

Discover how Style Renamer operates seamlessly within Inspire Designer through a systematic sequence of steps. From detaching WFDs to defining rules, executing transformations, and importing updated styles, this tool simplifies the entire process.

Download this whitepaper to explore how automation transforms mundane renaming tasks into efficient processes, paving the way for enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows.