Macrosoft’s Talent Acquisition Engine

A Very Complex Machine!

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Macrosoft’s Talent Acquisition Engine: Built for Accelerated Growth and Handling Future Disruptions

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Macrosoft's digital talent acquisition process

Macrosoft is constantly engaged in talent acquisition - in a big way - it is a core activity of our company. As a technology services company, Macrosoft depends critically on the talent of its members, and on being able to acquire new talent as needed, and equally important keeping talent that is already part of our company. .

Every week there are dozens of individual talent acquisition efforts going on in different parts of the company. This is especially so since our company is growing rapidly. And with the disruption to a remote work environment, competition for top talent is more intense and more broadly based than ever before. There is no way to hide from this intense competition.

Talent acquisition at Macrosoft is a very complex machine, and there are many subprocesses that need to work together smoothly to make it all happen well. An added complication is the fact that there are six separate lines of businesses within Macrosoft, and the talent acquisition process is quite different across the different LOBs.

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