Internet of Things

The Three Initial Use Cases for IoT in Manufacturing

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IoT in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is one such field where faster development and quality of products play a crucial role for a high Return on Investment. A new era of industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) for IoT is creating opportunities for companies to improve services, increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce manufacturing costs. Latest remote monitoring solutions when integrated with IoT has the potential to track all key performance indicators and prevent unwanted downtime with effective predictive maintenance programs.

At Macrosoft, we have developed IoT use cases based on practical usage context The Three Initial Use Cases for IoT in Manufacturing which addresses specific problems with an IoT overlay solution.

The 3 IoT Use Cases are:

  1. Data collection and information about existing production processes
  2. New information needs from existing production processes
  3. Create a uniform data and information flow from a non-integrated station-based production processes

We propose building an overlay IoT solution as it offers several advantages:

  • It does not disturb the existing production equipment’s
  • No need to pay for expensive integration with the production equipment’s
  • IoT solutions can be expanded and integrated using its own connectivity infrastructure, thus eliminating security issues.
What we have done is to identify specific IoT use cases that enable organizations to transform their business processes and improve operational effectiveness. When deployed appropriately, IoT enables manufacturers to differentiate their smart manufacturing capabilities with new business intelligence.

 Download the whitepaper to know more about the three use cases for IoT in manufacturing industry.