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Capabilities for Enterprise Development

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Macrosoft Future Technology Series Whitepaper: UI Design & Development


Capabilities of macrosoft's UI/UX Team for enterprise development

This paper provides an overview of Macrosoft’s latest UI design, prototyping, and development toolsets for creating compelling and intuitive user interfaces for the enterprise systems we build for our clients. In addition to what our current technology stack looks like, we also describe the new technologies we are now evaluating and moving to, including new capabilities for incorporating interactive and animated UI features.

We consider UI design and development to be a leading and integral part of our overall enterprise design and development efforts. The fact is our customers see the new applications we just built for them thru the User Interface first and foremost.

Our methods for UI design revolve around ‘design thinking’, that is, we always work closely and intensely with our client’s business users to ensure that the applications we build are exactly what the client needs and wants. For our part in the client-vendor relationship, we emphasize always that the UI needs to be as simple, minimal, and intuitive as possible

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