CallMiner Data APIs

Take your data and insights from Eureka platform Beyond!

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Whitepaper: CallMiner Data APIs- Take your Data & Insights from Eureka Platform Beyond!


Macrosoft has partnered with CallMiner to deliver Speech Analytics to our customers.

Having discussed an overview of the API structure available within Call Miner and categories of APIs that Call Miner offers in the previous whitepapers of this series, it is time to discuss on the other side of this equation, namely the APIs used to extract data and information.

Users can directly, robustly, and easily transfer data from Call Miner to any other custom application. This frees up a user to ‘do it their way’, that is build a custom application where the Call Miner data is integrated with multiple other sources of information.

Download the Whitepaper to learn more on CallMiner Data APIs and how it helps you take the data and insights beyond your imagination.